Crystal Lace

G3 Crystal Lace


Gem Blossom and Crystal Lace


Crystal Lace

Crystal Lace was first released as one of the Jewel Ponies.

Gem Blossom and Crystal Lace were sold as a two pack.

Pony StatsEdit

  • Pose: Crystal Lace Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: White, pink and purple
  • Eye Colour: Two-tone green with pink star symbol
  • Symbol: Dark pink 'jewel' surrounded by white painted lace
  • Hoof Heart: White


Crystal Lace

Backcard StoriesEdit

All the younger ponies love to hear Crystal Lace recite pony legends and stories from long ago. Someday she's going to write a book filled with all her favorite tales.

Media AppearancesEdit


Jewel Pony Crystal LaceEdit

IMAGE 2568

Crystal Lace



Version 1

  • Symbol: Has pink details in it and the star in her eye is dark violet

Version 2

  • Symbol: Has purple details in it and the star in her eye is of a much lighter pink colour

Promo PackEdit

She came attached to Gem Blossom but she has also been seen with Fairy Dust