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In 2010 an auction on ebay popped up with 3 unknown G3 Ponies. The other 2 ponies have turned out to be the 2010 Comic Con Pony and the 2010 Fair Pony. The third pony is speculated to be a breast cancer awareness pony, but no one knows for sure yet.

July 2010:

From: My Little Pony News Blog

US MLP Fair recap threads are up at the MLPTP and the MLP Arena....And Anime-Amy says:

"I did ask about the Breast Cancer Awareness pony after the Q&A. I said that a few people on the arena had seen them sold by china sellers. The told me they had no plan to release them yet and not even sure if they were. They said that at some point they might possibly join together with a charity to sell them."

Pony Stats

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